SibuJaya Awards

SibuJaya Township has won a host of awards and praise in the media.

Sheda Awards 2017

SibuJaya Awards


SibuJaya has received the prestigious Certificate of Merit and Awards for Planning Excellence from the Malaysian Institute of Planners, a professional institute of fully qualified town planners working as planning officers at various federal, state and local authorities. We have also snagged the 2014 award from the South East Asia Property Awards, the region's biggest and most respected property awards renowned for being free, fair and transparent.


SibuJaya in the news

Here's a selection of news clippings which features SibuJaya Township.















BorneoPost (27th January 2017)

eunited (6th January 2017)

International Times (6th January 2017)

The Borneo post 19 Dec2016-01

The Borneo Post (19th December 2016)

The star 18Dec2016 News Clipping-01

The Star (18th December 2016)

The star 5Aug2016 News Clipping-01

The Star (5th August 2016)

The Borneo post 5Aug2016-01

The Borneo Post (5th August 2016)

SeeHua 04Aug2016

See Hua (4th August 2016)

10Dec2015 The Star

The Star Online (18th December 2015)

TheBorneoPost Nov 20 2014

The Borneo Post (20th November 2014)

Township wins award for residential development - Community - The Star Online

The Star Online (21st November 2014)

Utusan Borneo Nov 20 2014

Utusan Borneo (20th November 2014)SeeHua Nov 20 2014

See Hua (20th November 2014)

SinChew Nov 19 2014

Sin Chew (19th November 2014)

28 Mar 2015 TribuneNew Sarawak Tribune (28th March 2015)


Borneo Post (27th March 2015)


Mingguan Sarawak (1st February 2015)

01Feb2015 BorneoPost

Borneo Post (1st February 2015)

01Feb2015 Sarawak Tribune

Sarawak Tribune (1st February 2015)

01Feb2015 SeeHua

See Hua (1st February 2015)

01Feb2015 UtusanBorneo

Utusan Borneo (1st February 2015)

The Star 9Dec 2014

The Star (9th December 2014)
The star 9Dec News Clipping onlineThe Star Online (9th December 2014)
Utusan Borneo 8 Dec 2014 CutUtusan Borneo (8th December 2014)


The Borneo Post 6 Dec 2014 cut

Borneo Post (6th December 2014)

The Borneo post online 6 Dec

Borneo Post Online (6th December 2014)Sin Chew Jit Poh 6 Dec 2014 cut

Sin Chew (6th December 2014)

Sin CHew 8 Nov 2014
Sin Chew (8th November 2014)

Sibu Jaya praises SRDC for orderly growth - Community - The Star Online

The Star Online (8th November 2014)

The Star 8 Nov 2014

The Star Metro (8th November 2014)

See Hua 8 Nov 2014

See Hua (8th November 2014)Print

Utusan Borneo (8th November 2014)

The Borneo Post 12April2014

Borneo Post (12th April 2014)

The Star 11April2014

The Star (11th April 2014)

The Borneo Post 15Feb2014

Borneo Post (15th February 2014)

Utusan Sarawak 10Feb2014

Utusan Sarawak (10th February 2014)

The Star 08Feb2014

The Star (8th February 2014)

Utusan Borneo 8Feb2014

Utusan Borneo (8th February 2014)

Sin Chew 08Feb2014

Sin Chew (8th February 2014)

Airport Roadshow (2)

Borneo Post (24th January 2014) Airport Roadshow (3)

The Star (22nd January 2014)

Airport Roadshow (5)

Utusan Sarawak (22nd January 2014)
Airport Roadshow (4)

Sin Chew (21st January 2014)

Airport Roadshow (1)

See Hua (21st January 2014)