Developments in SibuJaya

SibuJaya Rising

SibuJaya Township is under constant development. We’re always striving to be bigger and better. Our masterplan includes a lot of future developments to make SibuJaya a true city within a city with all the facilities that you’ll expect. There’s already a multi storey police complex for security, places of worship to fulfil your religious needs, and various sports and recreational facilities. There are also financial institutions, government offices, health facilities apart from the private driven businesses such as food and beverages, trading, workshops and entertainment outlets.

SibuJaya 6 Storey Office

Besides current facilities like post office, banks, clinics, schools, library, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, parks and playgrounds, high rise buildings will soon tower over the township’s East Gate and main entrances. This will further boost SibuJaya as a prestigious office address just a few minutes from Sibu Airport.

SRDC Mall and Climbing Wall

SibuJaya also has plans for malls and recreational facilities right in the middle of SibuJaya Township so you’ll never need to drive to town to wine, dine and shop if you don’t feel like it.

Sibujaya Green Lung

SibuJaya has a revolutionary green masterplan for the “birth” of a “Green Lung” and a “Green Belt”. This is in line with our green development ideas and the landscaping would not only serve to connect SibuJaya with nature, it would have a practical application as a water management and retention system for the trails, open spaces and botanical gardens.

SibuJaya Green Belt

Our ambitious plan includes zoning the entire Green Belt and Green Lung to provide lakes, watersports and other recreational activities, botanical gardens, trails for joggers and exercise parks for families and visitors alike.

SibuJaya Master Plan

SibuJaya Master Plan

SibuJaya will have a veritable nature enclave right in front of your house or workplace so you can enjoy the benefits of living as one with nature!